Movie streaming sites are websites that are into offering you movies and titles to see online. These places are very sought after by many people since its a good pastime website, because of the content that it offers. Especially now that smart TVs are very popular. Everyone in the world loves to watch movies and series. It’s the most common activity for most people nowadays and that is because of its entertaining. But the fact is that there is a love-hate relationship that people develop on these websites.

If it wasn’t for your downtime and boredom that a streaming site just simply makes sense, you wouldn’t pay its hefty monthly cost. But because you felt that you need it, that you feel that you don’t have any other option but to pay for it. But don’t you know that there are actually free services like it? That’s right folks! there’s a free streaming site like that are offering their services free for life! So how are they similar to the paid ones?

They have the best titles: Just like the paid premium ones, the free ones have the list of best titles as well. From most requested, highly rated to the more popular, the free ones have it too. The edge of the free ones though are the newer titles. These titles aren’t a year older, but movies and TV series that are actually days, weeks to months old. For a free one, that is pretty close. You gotta hand it to them.


You can download your titles: Just like the paid ones, you can also download in the free ones. The only difference is that in the free ones, you are given an option to download the title that you have chosen directly into your device. Pretty cool right?

What’s the big difference? The free ones and the paid ones have almost identical features, what separates the free ones is the offering of the services for free. Because it’s free, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it out for yourself. Can you imagine the savings that you will get if you choose the free ones from the paid ones? It’s actually a lot and if you’re conscious about money, it’s one thing that you should consider.

Surprisingly paid and free ones actually have a similar function, but the killer is in the details. If you can compare both, you will see that the free ones actually gives you more value. Not just because it’s free, but also because it has what you love in paid ones, like having the best titles, being able to download those titles and many many more.