The news comes in at lighting pace. You’ve been invited to a 6 nations Rugby match! The only problem is you’ve never been before and you have no idea what to wear. Whilst we can’t help you with the rules of the game, a lot of grabbing people and falling over with a “ball” that distinctly looks more like an egg to be perfectly honest with you, we can give you an idea of what to be seen in so that you don’t stick out to much. One thing that the Gentleman reader could go for is an ever stylish Mens Farah Clothing and a wide selection can be viewed at Let’s take a look at what we’re going to need to be kitted out with.

First of all Rugby is played in the autumn to Late Spring months. They do this because you need the ground to be squashy so that when someone is tackled to the floor there is a bit of give in it, otherwise it’s like landing on concrete. This means that you are going to be watching in the cold months and unless it’s at the Cardiff Principality Stadium, where they can put the roof on if they fancy it but generally don’t when the “Ruggers” on, then you are going to need to layer up a bit. This means seasonal jumpers and coats but if it gets warm, and it can, you’ll be in a crowd after all, then you need to make sure you can remove layers if it gets too much. If you’re a novice to the game then it might be an idea to avoid buying a replica shirt. For example, if you’re a guy reading this then the last thing you’ll want is someone asking you why you think Owen Farrell is such an ineffective Captain or whether you remember the days of JPR Williams. If you’re a girl then you’ll get exactly the same thing but you‘ll also know that you’ll never wear this again and it’s very unflattering.

Make sure you know which teams you are going to see and who you are supposed to be supporting. This will help you get the colour scheme right. Wales is red, Ireland Green and England White. Scotland, France and Italy all play in shades of blue. Don’t be tempted to look at pictures of fans beforehand, no one is going to expect you to turn up dressed as a dragon/daffodil/leprechaun/Cockerill/William Wallace/A gladiator.