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Activate, deactivate, watch the live video stream, perform the basic settings … using a daily alarm is usually not a problem. Other actions can be a little more complicated, like accessing the images recorded by the cameras. Apart from this, the alarms do not require special maintenance, except to change the batteries of the accessories from time to time.

The performance of the camera

The images taken by the cameras equipping the protection systems are rarely of high quality. If they are usually enough to confirm an intrusion, do not rely on them to identify a burglar. More important than the resolution, check first of all that they are equipped with an infrared sensor to film in the dark and that their angle of view is wide enough. Some have a shutter to block the lens (“private” mode). It’s safe, even if the risks of hacking the video stream are very low. Better that it can be activated remotely. Finally, see if the recorded images are stored on the manufacturer’s servers and/or on an SD card. In the first case, you can access it even if the thief takes the camera with him,

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Most alarms are connected to the box and transmit alerts via the Internet. It is, therefore, better to ensure that another system takes over in the event of a break in the connection if only to alert the user to the existence of a problem. A GSM module, for example, allows the system to send alerts via the mobile network. It also offers the user the ability to remotely control his alarm from his phone even when the user is in an area not covered by 4G. A GSM module, however, requires the purchase of a SIM card and the subscription of a small data plan. Some alarms are able to send SMS through the servers of the manufacturer (so without a dedicated package). The service is more limited, but no extra cost. Power plants run on batteries or are equipped with a rechargeable backup battery that allows them to continue to operate for several hours in case of power failure. Finally, it is better to ensure that the sensors are equipped with an anti-pullout system and that the camera emits an alert if it is rotated or if its lens is obstructed. engineering firm houston tx is a engineering firm working in the field of camera

Access to home automation

Today’s protection systems have an increasing ambition to be at the heart of a larger system. In addition to protection against theft, most also prevent the presence of smoke, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or water leakage. Some are even able to control the shutters and lighting. For this, specific equipment is needed. Make sure they are compatible with the plant.