Who doesn’t like anything for free? And with ever-increasing movie buffs in the country nowadays, people have resorted to watch movies online free. Today’s audience has become picky and choosy with the content they want to view, along with that, they want to watch everything that comes up and movies of various languages are being viewed in India nowadays. So, the urge to watch everything seems to get heavy on the pocket which is why people prefer watching movies online. Mostly each movie of different languages is available on the internet.


Types of online free movies

The movies available for free online can be of two types:

  • Pirated:there are various websites and platforms available on the internet, through which movies can be viewed or downloaded in the pirated format. You have the opportunity to watch movies online free and can be viewed from anyone’s laptop or mobile phone that has an internet connection
  • Non-pirated: various websites stream movies online for free, but these aren’t all pirated. Some websites will show you the movie from the beginning till the end like it can be seen on the big screen at cinemas or on TV, as these websites have permissions from the producers or whosoever is the distribution in charges of these movies

What is piracy?

Piracy means copying someone else’s work and viewing it to the audience without giving the due credits or viewership money to the source producers.
It is bad as there goes in a lot of money, time, effort, brains and hard work of a huge group of people. But these pirated versions of movies on various online platforms are putting down upon their hard work.

Effect of piracy

Apart from the paid online platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, Hotstar etc., where the movies are being streamed, have permissions to show certain movies, albeit they aren’t all free. Getting allowed to watch movies online free is always a delight but not so much if it’s pirated. It causes losses to the producers, directors and actors because there goes in a lot of hard work, effort and money of a lot of people who are involved in the making of the movie. Paid viewing is the way those movies were meant to reach the audience.

Online free movies are enjoyable, and it saves money but if it’s at the cost of supporting the pirated website providers, which are doing nothing but stealing other people’s work for earning money for themselves. We need to boycott such website providers and encourage the ethical way of viewership.