The coolest Short Hairstyle Guide for you!

Gone are the times when women were seen flaunting only long hair. Short hair can look great on anyone; however the hairdo should be according to your facial features. While some women can carry off any short hairstyle, some would need to work out a style according to the shape of face and head. There are numerous short hairstyles for black women when one wants to make short black hair attractive.

The Classic and Elegant Look:

The backcombing style is the most graceful and looks great on most women. If you think length of hair would pose a problem, then simply use a gel to achieve this style. To achieve a graceful look, one could even get a rich hairstyle with the natural afro twist and shine with the unique elegance that comes with this hairstyle. You don’t need to visit your hair stylish very often to achieve different looks with this hairstyle and is easy to manage for women who work and have hectic schedules.

Look cute with short hair:

Most women love the bob haircuts as it makes them look cute. This hairstyle gives a sleek look to woman and makes her stand out from the crowd. To get a different look small curl can be added to the bob. Adding bangs around the forehead is another option to highlight cheekbones and other facial features. One could also create a look by side parting and then adding waves to the side which has good volume and a really interesting option when going for a party.

coolest Short Hairstyle

Experiment with funky hairstyles:

Side shaves are a trendy option and can never get out of fashion. To add a unique perspective to your personality and to make a style statement, side shaves really work well and can create a mesmerizing style when coupled with beautiful bangs.

Another fun hairstyle is pixie hairstyle and can turn heads wherever you go. Pixie hairstyle is a combination of several hairstyles and has a pixie that is textured or spikes to create an unmatched look that every woman wants, however this is bold short hairstyle and should be pulled off confidently.

The Punk Style with a Razor:

To get a razor hairstyle look, go for punk hairstyle. The sides are cut very close whereas the top part of the hair is longer which makes it easy to style and get the wild look you always dreamt of. You can number of hairstyles by shaping your hair using different styling products and can also get different hair texture. If you don’t want the punk look, go for messy razor hairstyle. It’s easy to maintain and perfect for older women who want to add a youthful look to their attire.

The Edgy Look:

Short hairstyles that are in bright colors and cut asymmetrically or using geometrical lines can give the edgy look you’ve always longed for. This hairstyle needs straightening and can give you a finely defined haircut. This cut goes well with natural curls as well and can be styled easily and get an edgy look you can rock with. However, for stunning results, make sure you choose a geometrical style that goes with the shape of your face.

Choose to be bold and beautiful with your short hairstyle that’s perfect for you. Look beautiful and turn heads. Just choose your type of hairstyle and make a style statement by flaunting it.

Why should black women have short hairstyle?

Short hair doesn’t mean that it won’t be fun to style your hair. Small hair need less styling chemicals and can also help in eliminating frizz and kinks giving emphasis to the natural texture of hair. It is easy to manage and also short hair has less risk of damage and hair loss as less chemicals are used on hair. No matter which haircut you have, you can also work out many variations with short hair such as sporty look, feminine look, chic look or an elegant look.

Short hair styles that you can experiment with include messy up-dos, textured bobs with flipped out ends, short micro braids, short layered hair with longer layers on the top, shaved and sculpted styles or simply arranging hair in different partings.