best biometric gun safe

The SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe is one of the best pistol safes in the market. It enables you to program your unique mark notwithstanding a keypad blend. It has the ability to distinguish up to four customized fingerprints. This license and enables you to get to your weapon with a single hand. Additionally, this pistol safe also accompanies an advanced programmable keypad. It additionally attends an abrogate key.
Since this safe has different approaches and methods of access and many ways to get to it, it is incredibly sheltered, and you will feel a great bit of certainty knowing you can get to your firearm rapidly. Numerous gun safes are boisterous when opened, which implies that you do not have the component of an astonishment amid a home attack. This won’t be the situation with the SentrySafe. The pressure gas swagger means there is no clamor when opening it. The SentrySafe is additionally worked out of a rock solid 12 check steel. This makes sure that you will be able to get to your firearm rapidly with this safe, yet the quality isn’t yet compromised in any way.

The advantages to the SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe are as follows:

best biometric gun safe

  • You have the ability to program up to four fingerprints in the same safe which makes it effective.
  • The sentry safe comes equipped with a keypad for an additional form of entry, which makes it unique and functional.
  • If in the event that the batteries fail, there is a function which enables you to open the safe with a backup key as well.
  • There are no audible sounds that are being made when you open the safe which ensures subtlety.
  • The reset button is perfectly protected behind the batteries.
  • The safe effectively reads all 6 fingerprints in a mere amount of seconds.

There are also disadvantages to the device, as with all other devices. Now here are the disadvantages of the SentrySafe:

  • The more fingerprints you have stored, the much longer it takes to read each one.
  • The Battery life is very short and this means that it needs to be replaced quite often.
  • You must press a button to enter the access code.
  • It does not come with an A/C adapter which means it does not come with a default charging option.
  • Because of the poor battery life, You must keep fresh batteries on hand at all times to avoid getting stranded.
  • It does not come with a locking cable, although it can be modified to accept one, this is a disadvantage.

All points considered, the SentrySafe is still one of the best biometric pistol safe in the market and is a good choice.