Glass Doors Versus Shower Curtains: Who Wins?

The debate between which one is better between a shower curtain and a glass door is almost endless as others swear by the many qualities of each one and why it is the best. Whatever they may be, let us take at the reasons and pros and cons of both to really see which of them your bathroom wore better. What is sure is that the advantages of each goes beyond visual appearance.

Glass Shower Doors

A glass shower door looks and feels solid and neat and is ideal for a more permanent fixture. Glass shower doors are also more effective in containing splashes of water within the bathing area itself only, as opposed to a shower curtain. Safety tempered glass is now used predominantly in glass shower enclosure manufacturing to prevent them from shattering and injuring someone. Because of their permanent structure, they also lower the cost of maintenance of your bathroom area in the long run. Keep in mind that the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a household and not only that but reflects the whole personality of the house. This becomes important especially if you want to resell your house in the future. The bathroom, perhaps even more so that the kitchen can be a turning point when selling a house.

Shower Curtainsglass shower doors annapolis

Aside from being cheap, shower curtains provide a more flexible way of tidying up your bathroom. Flexible because it is super easy to put up and change. Its flexibility is such that you can change its colors every week if you wanted to. It is also a great way to hide clutter when friends come over as you just slide the curtain closed over them. Non PVC curtains also eliminate chemical runoff that was the bane of shower curtains from way back. They can easily be tailor-made to fit any bathroom layout with ease.

Both Can Be Beautiful

Both choices have their own merits and can both be optimized depending on the bathroom layout and owner preference, No matter which one you prefer, choose only the best and most reputable to source them from like glass shower doors annapolis. Shower curtains can also be easily made to work for your bathroom as they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Both also have special caring instructions but if you get them cleaned and maintained right, biot can last for long periods of time.