Guns and rifles are used for defense to protect the people of the nation from the attackers. This why, the guns, pistols and rifles are used only by the personnel in the field of army, security force and police department. Other than these public services, the defensive and offensive weapons are not permitted for the common people. The common people can use the hunting gun with proper license. There are some restrictions to be followed by the people to get license for using gun.

The rifles are different from pistol guns. Pistol is a gun in a compact size that the body of the pistol and mostly the grip of the pistol can be covered by the palm of the hand. Since it is handy it is operated using single hand and the person need to use the other hand only load the bullet cartridge and to pull the slide to prepare the pistol for shooting. This can be kept in the pocket or in the pistol case. But rifle is totally different from pistol and it is used for rapid fire. The number of shots by the rifle will be higher than the pistol shots.


The rifles are used in army and by the security forces to attack the attackers with continuous shot. Rifle has length barrel and can be operated only by two hands. Rifle will be supported to the shoulder with one hand holding the stock and finger ready for the trigger and the other hand will hold the barrels. There are rifles with single barrel and also with double barrel. The double barrel rifle is more powerful than the single barrel. Shooting is a skill that requires focus and proper weapon. The accuracy of the rifles differs from different rifles.

Highly acclaimed model

The accurate focus on the target with proper rifle is most important to shoot perfectly. The one of the best rifle in the market is custom rifles. This is highly acclaimed model with sleek finish and creative craftsmanship design. This rifle can be used for both high and low range shooting with powerful shots.

The series of guns in custom rifle model are:

  • X series
  • Multi-sight
  • Pro series
  • Custom rifles
  • Pro plus series

The custom rifles are manufactured in the year 1911 hence they are called as 1911 rifles. Different modules are in this model such as fixed sight module, Picatinny module, Adjustable sight module and Tall fixed sight module.