What is the distinction between guests, visits, and page views? A visitant is somebody visiting your website. One visitant will have multiple visits to your website. A visitant is caterpillar-tracked by the cookie placed in their browser by the following code put in on your website. Visit. Visit is any time a visitant reaches your visit site from somewhere outside of your website domain. Meaning the person was on a special site, website, and web website and clicked on a link that took them to your site or entered your web site computer address directly into their browser. Scenario 1: A visitant goes to look engine and will a hunt for “inbound promoting recommendation.” Then, they click on a hunt result and examine an internet site. This is often counted as one visit. The visitant had one visit to web site by clicking on a link from Associate in nursing external domain. Scenario 2: A visitant goes to a different webpage to visit site and clicks on a link from a tweet that brings them to a different link. Thereon page, they click on a link within the menu to look at webpage. This[…]