All City Elevator: Service, Repair, and Modernization

 In 1992, the owner and CEO Kevin M. Whaley, founded All City Elevator, Inc. This is a Minnesota elevator company who has been extending their services all throughout the Twin Cities. They are the best when it comes to vertical transportation. They are offering complete modernization for any vertical transportation types. They are also experts in repair with different preventative maintenance packages.

            The company is currently employing a staff of 40 fields as well as office personnel. This will include well-experienced supervisors, managers, repair, and services as well as the modernization departments. For over 20 years, they have stayed on top of the competition, aiming to provide outstanding customer satisfaction.

The Service.

            The company hires competent staff only. They make sure that they have a group of experienced, licensed and professional elevator technicians. The management has a hands-on experience who are willing to do hard labor with the team just to get the toughest job done. The company offers Hydraulic Maintenance control program, as well as Traction Maintenance control program.

The Repair.

            This popular Minnesota elevator company have well-experienced repair crews who can make your equipment go back to “up and running” in just a short period of time. Whether there’s a sudden breakdown, or maybe there are code compliance problems, the All City Elevator repair department can definitely help you out with your issues.

            The company aims to provide the best service or a competitive price. There will always be a quick response time from their friendly professional crews. The repair team can also remove the unwanted elevator equipment and have it checked with their crew.

The Modernization.

            All City Elevator is the industry’s best when it comes to elevator modernization and repairs. The company is working together with Motion Control Engineering, Smartrise & GAL, as they use the latest technology so that the older elevators can still be used. If you are interested, you can call them up and have a plan set up for you which would also meet your budget. With this company, you have a lot of options to choose from when you are upgrading.

Customer Reviews.

            One of the things that we look for when visiting a website like the All City Elevator are the reviews and feedbacks left by the company’s fans. At All City Elevator, you are encouraged to try the best customer service for best results. Here are some of the feedback’s shared by other users.

“…The crew here has been great. Pat, Jeff, and Jamie have been very kind to our residents!

I observed them taking the time to explain when our residents approached them with questions and were patient…” –  Jennifer Volkenant

“…They are all very approachable and willing to do whatever it takes to keep us running. Their response time is very good and they do a great job of communicating with me and my staff…” – Bill Anger, Andersen Corporation

When choosing the company to repair or modernize your elevator, you need to have someone who is knowledgeable enough. It would also help if they have the experience to back them up. With All City Elevator, your elevator will back up and running in no time!