How to Wear a Red Dress This Summer

From Jessica Rabbit to the dancing emoji lady, the red dress has signified sex appeal and power throughout the ages.

An article in Psychology Today examines the colours of sexual attraction, and unsurprisingly red has been prevalent in positions of power and sexuality throughout history.

These days we associate red with being hot and fun. Despite this, it’s during the autumn and winter months when deep reds and burgundies are synonymous with the rich colours of the seasons and a little festive cheer. But with summer just around the corner there’s no reason why you can’t style up a red dress to see you through the warmer months too. Here are some style tips on how to wear a red dress this year.

With Black

Red and black go together like peas and carrots. It’s a staple look that will never get old. Whether it’s black tights, black ankle boots, a black leather jacket or black accessories like sunglasses, you can bet that the classic combination of the two will be as stylish as it is timeless.

With Denim

For an all-American classic look you can’t beat red with denim. The light hues of a washed-out denim jacket would look perfect with a red maxi dress, but you can also think outside of the box and wear a red dress over denim jeans or jeggings.

With Gold Jewellery

Something about the vibrancy of gold and red together just screams stylish. Picture the beauty of an Indian bride in traditional red sari and gold bangles, statement earrings and other jewellery. The two set against one another just work.

With Floral Print

A dress in block red is undoubtedly a statement, but if you want to embrace the colour on a more subtle scale, then there are plenty of red dresses available on the market that incorporate other bright colours in ditsy or floral prints – an ideal summer staple, particularly a red maxi dress than can be dressed up and down as much as you like. These days we associate red with being hot and fun. Despite this, it’s during the autumn and winter months when deep reds and burgundies are synonymous with the rich colours of the seasons and a little festive cheer. Red and snakeprint also make a combination that is bang on trend this year.

A Nude Sandal

You may not naturally pair nude with red, but the two together work well, especially in the subtle form of an open-toe sandal – ideal for a summer wedding.

What to wear to a Rugby Match

The news comes in at lighting pace. You’ve been invited to a 6 nations Rugby match! The only problem is you’ve never been before and you have no idea what to wear. Whilst we can’t help you with the rules of the game, a lot of grabbing people and falling over with a “ball” that distinctly looks more like an egg to be perfectly honest with you, we can give you an idea of what to be seen in so that you don’t stick out to much. One thing that the Gentleman reader could go for is an ever stylish Mens Farah Clothing and a wide selection can be viewed at Let’s take a look at what we’re going to need to be kitted out with.

First of all Rugby is played in the autumn to Late Spring months. They do this because you need the ground to be squashy so that when someone is tackled to the floor there is a bit of give in it, otherwise it’s like landing on concrete. This means that you are going to be watching in the cold months and unless it’s at the Cardiff Principality Stadium, where they can put the roof on if they fancy it but generally don’t when the “Ruggers” on, then you are going to need to layer up a bit. This means seasonal jumpers and coats but if it gets warm, and it can, you’ll be in a crowd after all, then you need to make sure you can remove layers if it gets too much. If you’re a novice to the game then it might be an idea to avoid buying a replica shirt. For example, if you’re a guy reading this then the last thing you’ll want is someone asking you why you think Owen Farrell is such an ineffective Captain or whether you remember the days of JPR Williams. If you’re a girl then you’ll get exactly the same thing but you‘ll also know that you’ll never wear this again and it’s very unflattering.

Make sure you know which teams you are going to see and who you are supposed to be supporting. This will help you get the colour scheme right. Wales is red, Ireland Green and England White. Scotland, France and Italy all play in shades of blue. Don’t be tempted to look at pictures of fans beforehand, no one is going to expect you to turn up dressed as a dragon/daffodil/leprechaun/Cockerill/William Wallace/A gladiator.

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Tips to use eyeshade palettes correctly

There are different types of cosmetic products in the market which are to be used for various needs. However, the ultimate aim of using all the cosmetic products is to gain beauty. Eyeshade palettes are one among the commonly used cosmetic items. But the most unfortunate thing is even though many people are highly interested in using the eyeshade palettes, they are not aware of the right procedure for using them. Because of this unawareness, they tend to put all their effort in to vain. This article is written in order to lay full stop for all these problems.

Neutral palettes

The most common mistake made by many people who are using eyeshade palette is they will get tempted easily because of the attractive colors. Even though these colors are highly attractive, they should always start with the neutral palettes. Obviously this is also the ideal option for using eyeshade palettes at its best. There are many naked eyeshade basic palettes in the market. These palettes can be used for effective result. This will also be the wisest option for the people who want to make great look. Especially people who are using palettes for the first time can make use of the naked basics without any constraint.


While considering eyeshade palette, the quality should be given the higher importance when compared to that of the quantity. There are also some shadow boxes which come with 130 shades. The users should never get attracted to the count. Instead, they are supposed to consider the quality of shades. In order to avoid various hassles in future and to make out the best combination of shades, the boxes that come with minimum colors can be chosen. This will also help the users to avoid messing up. In order to use the best quality shade, one can get Malaysia Urban Decay’s most sweltering eyeshadow palette from the online stores.


Any kind of brushes can be used while handling a palette. But the users must make sure to use different brushes for different colors. This is because using the same brush for all the colors will not help them to come up with the combination they are in need of. In case, if they are about to use the same brush for all colors, the users must make sure to clean the brush before using them over another shade.

Enjoy having a great look of your home as per fashion

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Investigate before you could fix

There are a lot of things that has to be considered while choosing the home improvement companies are as follows:

  • Dealing with locally based companies could help you in making sure about the insurance that the company could possess in case if they could damage any kinds of things in your home.
  • These kinds of home improvement companies will help in offering the excellent rates and also make them to reach sub standard. They even help in repairing the roof in case of a leak during the rainy season.
  • Having a discussion with the different companies will be helpful in finding the one that could suit your budget and estimation costs.
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The coolest Short Hairstyle Guide for you!

The coolest Short Hairstyle Guide for you!

Gone are the times when women were seen flaunting only long hair. Short hair can look great on anyone; however the hairdo should be according to your facial features. While some women can carry off any short hairstyle, some would need to work out a style according to the shape of face and head. There are numerous short hairstyles for black women when one wants to make short black hair attractive.

The Classic and Elegant Look:

The backcombing style is the most graceful and looks great on most women. If you think length of hair would pose a problem, then simply use a gel to achieve this style. To achieve a graceful look, one could even get a rich hairstyle with the natural afro twist and shine with the unique elegance that comes with this hairstyle. You don’t need to visit your hair stylish very often to achieve different looks with this hairstyle and is easy to manage for women who work and have hectic schedules.

Look cute with short hair:

Most women love the bob haircuts as it makes them look cute. This hairstyle gives a sleek look to woman and makes her stand out from the crowd. To get a different look small curl can be added to the bob. Adding bangs around the forehead is another option to highlight cheekbones and other facial features. One could also create a look by side parting and then adding waves to the side which has good volume and a really interesting option when going for a party.

coolest Short Hairstyle

Experiment with funky hairstyles:

Side shaves are a trendy option and can never get out of fashion. To add a unique perspective to your personality and to make a style statement, side shaves really work well and can create a mesmerizing style when coupled with beautiful bangs.

Another fun hairstyle is pixie hairstyle and can turn heads wherever you go. Pixie hairstyle is a combination of several hairstyles and has a pixie that is textured or spikes to create an unmatched look that every woman wants, however this is bold short hairstyle and should be pulled off confidently.

The Punk Style with a Razor:

To get a razor hairstyle look, go for punk hairstyle. The sides are cut very close whereas the top part of the hair is longer which makes it easy to style and get the wild look you always dreamt of. You can number of hairstyles by shaping your hair using different styling products and can also get different hair texture. If you don’t want the punk look, go for messy razor hairstyle. It’s easy to maintain and perfect for older women who want to add a youthful look to their attire.

The Edgy Look:

Short hairstyles that are in bright colors and cut asymmetrically or using geometrical lines can give the edgy look you’ve always longed for. This hairstyle needs straightening and can give you a finely defined haircut. This cut goes well with natural curls as well and can be styled easily and get an edgy look you can rock with. However, for stunning results, make sure you choose a geometrical style that goes with the shape of your face.

Choose to be bold and beautiful with your short hairstyle that’s perfect for you. Look beautiful and turn heads. Just choose your type of hairstyle and make a style statement by flaunting it.

Why should black women have short hairstyle?

Short hair doesn’t mean that it won’t be fun to style your hair. Small hair need less styling chemicals and can also help in eliminating frizz and kinks giving emphasis to the natural texture of hair. It is easy to manage and also short hair has less risk of damage and hair loss as less chemicals are used on hair. No matter which haircut you have, you can also work out many variations with short hair such as sporty look, feminine look, chic look or an elegant look.

Short hair styles that you can experiment with include messy up-dos, textured bobs with flipped out ends, short micro braids, short layered hair with longer layers on the top, shaved and sculpted styles or simply arranging hair in different partings.