No person can drive car, motorcycle, caravans, trucks, trailers or any other vehicles in the public place unless the vehicle has been registered by a registering authority of the Government of the country. The vehicle must clearly bear the mark or plates of registration and the certification of registration or RC book must be carried all the time when driving in the vehicle. The registration of a vehicle, in any state, that has been done in accordance with the motor-vehicle Act, is effective and valid across all states and Union Territories of the country. A vehicles registration certificate is valid for a period of 15 years from the date of issue and the same can be renewed thereafter for five[…]

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle in Australia then you must get a REVS check done for it. It is important for the safety and security of your purchase and so that there is no other organization or individual that can claim ownership of the vehicle at a later stage. revs check is also popularly known as PPSR check now. It ensures that you are getting a quality product for the amount that you are going to pay. Benefits of this check include — You pay for what you get – if you are not sure whether the seller of the vehicle is a trusted person or not then it can be a big issue. Your seller[…]