Amongst all the most beautiful and adventurous sightseeing places in the USA, Beaver’s bend state park is one which is attracting a lot of tourists every year.  It is located in MC curtain county, Oklahoma and is spread across a vast area of 1300 acres. Established in 1937 the park is also one of the oldest tourist spots. On an average, it is generating revenue of 2.3 million dollars which speaks about its commendable worth in standing as one of the few highest attending tourist destinations.  Major attractions of the park include Broken bow reservoir, Broken spill way, Mountain fork river and the bridge across it, Broken bow lake and boating and not to forget the area’s geology which appears like nature covering a green blanket, thanks to the thick forest surrounding the area.  As for the tourist enthusiasts, there are historical documents, research materials and books, antique pieces of forestry, wood art and other relevant information to explore the area. There are Beavers Bend cabins available for visitors who prefer a stay and have a look at area’s geological beauty.

Lodging is available in Broken bow, Oklahoma near to the Beaver’s park and Broken Bow Lake. Some major cabins providing outstanding service are:

Broken bow lodging:  Here, you can find over 14-bedroom cabins and nearly 60 cabins all together which provide you with the stunning beauty of the park and the surroundings.  There is a provision for Trout fishing in Mountain Fork River.  You need to carry your own food here. They are equipped with all comforts just to assure the visitor feels home.

Creative escapes: These are fully furnished cabins with the complete set of kitchen utensils where you can cook your own food, outdoor grills, and beds for the whole number of people. They can also provide you with grocery shopping if required. All that you need to do is enjoy the beauty of nature and relax. There are different kinds of cabins to choose depending on individual choice.

Beaver’s bend getaways: This is yet another destination you can look up to where you can avail many discounts and packages. They constantly place offers for the financial comfort of the tourists and all the packages can be viewed online. There are many sizes of cabins like small, medium and large depending on the group.  Going by your interest, you can choose anything like bonfire cabins, shady heaven, Morningstar etc where each emphasizes the specific view of nature.

 Whether it is an office outing, honeymooning or family reunion tourism is a pleasant experience that one can rejoice on. There are innumerable cabins and lodges in and around the location which offer you great tourism experience, financial comfort, and safety.  Pick one that suits your interest and pocket to savor the tourism enthusiast in you.